The current of time slows for no one, it carves into us.

Are you longing for a simpler life, some agency, some land to call your own?  Then carve your own niche out of time for a few minutes every day with this game. Run your own little farm. Water your plants to let them grow. Sell them when they (and you) are ready and buy even more plants! This game runs in real time and even keeps account of the time you aren't playing; when you've already planted and watered all your plants, you can leave the game and come back the next day.

Epoch Ravine is playable on most systems through the online version, including mobile! Controller support! There is an offline version available for some systems.

The game automatically saves, so you can leave and come back whenever you want!

This is the alpha version of Epoch Ravine, more features are coming!

-In game info on how long plants will grow for and how much they will sell for.

-Upgrades and level ups!

-More objects to put on your farm.

-And more!


Z/o will talk to the man in the minecart, he will sell you seeds.

Z/o to use selected tool.

Hold X and press left/right to navigate the inventory.

You have to hoe the ground before you can plant. Water will water the plant. Harvest will harvest a grown plant and then you sell it at the shopping cart.

There is more info in the help on the main menu in the game.

Ctrl+m will mute the sound.


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