Want to play some of the pen and paper games from the  Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, but don't have any dice or cards? Use these digital cards made with with tools and assets from the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality.

Press P to create a deck of playing cards at the mouse cursor.

Press T to create a deck of tarot cards at the mouse cursor. 

Press D to make a deck of 20 numbered cards to use for dice results, make a stack of the numbers you want to use (for d20 use the whole stack, for d12 use only the top twelve cards, for d6 use only the top six, etc).

Single click to flip a card, click and drag to draw a card, middle click rotates a card, right click shuffles a stack, right click and drag to move a stack. Delete removes what you are holding. Escape clears everything.

Made in Dragonruby

with art from

The Pixel Plebes Digital Card Deck

RPG Boss Monsters & Minions Pack

Heroic Asset Series: Buildings Pack

Humble Fonts Gold

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GenreCard Game, Simulation
TagsBoard Game, Dice

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