Play as a slime mold! You are trying to live your life on some bathroom tiles when a mold started to move in on your territory!

This game is a real time simulation of mold growth! Prepare to wait hours or even days between moves! A single match can take months!

The game continues to play even when it is closed, so feel free to not watch the action!

"It's like strategic watching paint dry!" -a satisfied player

Even if it doesn't look like anything is happening, I assure you it is! It's just a very slow game!

Arrows move the cursor.

Z selects a tile.

When a tile is selected, the arrows will toggle the directions your slime will try to spread from that tile. Pressing Z again will increase how much of your slime is sent from that tile. X unselects.

The more slime you have on a tile, the faster it will reproduce.

Happy sliming!


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This is high art. This is the most experimental of experimental. Can I talk about this game on my Youtube Channel?

Sure, no problem. I'm glad you find it interesting.