The robots want you to play the E-drums at their annual robot rave! We've got the Johnny-Fives all head banging and the Robo-Gremlins raising the roof.

Press the keys when they line up with the line to play. 

The music and sprites were procedurally generated.

This is kind of a quick proof of concept nightmare. It may be the first tweettweetcart to have both music and sprite animation!

Sounds/music from my TweetTweet SfxGen

Sprites from Lafolie's TweetTweet Cart Sprite Generator


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Nice! I'm not sure how much more can be done in a tweet-cart but I suspect the pico-8 is eventually going to have brilliant rhythm-games--probably ones with really cool procgen elements.

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Yeah. To fit it into a tweet cart, I had to listen to a lot of random sfx and pick a couple that had any sense of rhythm to them. Theoretically, you could make whole songs this way, but the time investment is really not worth it.

Thank you for playing!