No more than two tweets of bureaucracy in this town. 

A SimCity clone made as a collaboration between Rhiz and StramDozer for #TweetTweetJam

How to play:

Arrows move cursor

X changes building type

Z builds

Blue is businesses, they cost $500 and employ ten people.

Green are houses, they cost $100 and house two people.

The diamonds are for building roads.

The top of the screen is # population, $ your money, and ∧ is how many jobs.

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Made withPICO-8
TagsCity Builder, PICO-8, tweettweetjam


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simple game, good gam


It's a really fun idea! Thanks for sharing the code with us.
I discovered I could create house over another house and it made me smile xD

Thanks! Yeah, I like to make 'mansions' by building a bunch of houses near each other to make it look like one big house.

it's a good game i mite play it agin