A Pico-8 Sfx generator for making sfx for tweetcarts that itself fits into two tweets. (It's also very good at making things that sound like Pokemon cries)

Code fits into two tweets, Made for TweetTweetJam 5!

Based on Lafolie's TweetTweet Cart Sprite Generator

The starting parameters are randomized each time you restart the cart, press ctrl+r.

Press left/right to select property

Press up/down to change the value

Z plays the sound

X copies the code to the clipboard, it's about 60 characters. Just paste into your tweetcart to use the sound!

The 'sfx' property is which sfx slot is being used. When you copy the code, make sure you use that number when you call sfx. For example, if you used sfx 4, then when you use your sound effect, you would use sfx(4).

This is the version that makes a single sfx.

For the version that copies all 64 sound effects, click here.

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